CD3 Workshop
Building a Blue Bench in Iowa
Saturday, August 28, 2021
Dallas County Iowa
9:00   AM   Morning Coffee
9:30-10:00   Welcome – Rep. Cindy Axne and Glenn Hurst
10:00-10:50   Plenary (National Speaker Invited)
11:00-11:50   Planned Sessions
      1.   Boot Camp for County Central Committee Leadership
      2.   “Neighbor to Neighbor” Program
      3.   Using Robert’s Rules of Order
12:00-1:00   Lunch; Coalition Meetings; and Open Mic Activities
1:00-1:45   Planned Sessions
      4.   New Voter (Voter Registration) Coalition Discussion
      5.   Platform Development Tips
      6.   Building Your Bench Panel Discussion
1:45-2:15   CD3 Fundraising Event (County Basket Auction)
2:15-3:00   Planned Sessions
      7.   Sharing Fundraising Ideas / Panel Discussion
      8.   Understanding Iowa’s New Voting Legislation
      9.   Late Breaking Topics / 2020 Debrief
3:00   PM   Closing Remarks and Redistricting update
Sponsored by Third Congressional District Central Committee
Iowa Democratic Party


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